BMW E30 M3 turbo – S50b30 – Owner Johan from Sweden

Johan contacted me and wanted to feature his BMW e30 M3 Turbo… Couldn’t really say no when I saw the pictures 😀


Name: Johan Kihl          

Age: 30

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Year and model of your E30: 1989 BMW M3

Wich forums do you use?

Whats the story behind your E30? Bought it two years ago as a empty shell with a load of parts on the side. Everything is rebuilt, the paint is brand new, the only thing I had from before I bought the car was the engine. The engine is a fully built S50B30 with a Precision PT6765 turbo. It delivers 750whp@1,5 bar of boost and 910nm at the wheels. The goal was to create a car with plenty of power which is able to  be used everywhere.

What got you into E30‘s? My first car was a 1990 BMW 318is 16v which I also put a turbo on. It probably left somewhere around 600hp. 

How many E30‘s have you owned: 5

What‘s your favorite E30? The M3 of course J

What are you working on now? Reinstalling Vanos to gain low end power. Replacing the old turbo with a PT7675 billet. 1000whp is the goal!

Any plans for the future? Recently bought a BMW 335 double clutch DCT (DKG) gearbox. Me and my programmer friend will try to develop a management system for these gearboxes to retrofit them into any vehicle. If we succeed my M3 will be the first in the world with a aftermarket management system for this kind of gearbox!

Interior: Two Sparco bucket seats, a half rollcage and a couple of Autometer gauges.

Exterior: Sport Evolution rear wing with carbon flap.

Wheels and tires: BBS LM 9,5×18 rear with Toyo R888 235/40 -18. 8,5×18 with 225/40 -18 Bridgestone street tires.

Suspension mods: AVO coilovers all around. Millway adjustable camber/caster plates front. Adjustable wheel alignment rear.

Brakes: Porsche 4-pot calipers front with Audi S4 320x32mm rotors. M3 e30 standard rear. ATE Super blue brakefluid.

Drivetrain: M5 E34 rear end. BMW 530d gearbox. Clutch Sachs 707.

Engine: S50B30

Exhaust: 3,5” stainless Feritta by PPF




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Red BMW E30 coupe

Simply clean

bmw e30 coupe


92’s e30 m3 dtm raced after rebuild

This guy has done a good job restoring his e30 m3 dtm, took him over 3 years to rebuild it and here is a video from his first race



e30 Cabrio V8

Must be a blast driving with the top down on this e30 cabrio v8 :)



alpine white e30 mtech 2 coupe

Super super clean alpine white e30 mtech 2 coupe!


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Featured E30 cabrio Mtech 2 – Owner Grant from Scotland

Today we have a E30 Cabrio Mtech 2 from Scotland, Grant posted his cabrio on our facebook page and it looks decent enough to be featured on :)



Name:  Grant McNab                   

Age: 48

Location: Falkirk, Central Scotland

Year and model of your E30: 1993 318i Tech2 Cabrio

Wich forums do you use? E30Zone & RetroBMW

Whats the story behind your E30? Owned for over 6 years now. Bought it from Ben Larty (Bootyman on E30Zone) in London. He had emailed me as he knew I was looking for a cabrio. I knew it would be good one,  so I caught a flight down with the cash in my pocket, and drove this beauty home.

What got you into E30‘s? I‘ve always liked them since I first saw them and dreamed of owning one „someday“.

How many E30‘s have you owned: 3  – Two tourings, and this Cabrio

What‘s your favorite E30? Despite keeping the cabrio for over six years, I do have a soft spot for the touring, and would love another. 325 with LPG conversion would be the sensible option.

What are you working on now? The cabrio will be back out on the road next month (after spending the winter in the garage). Good friends of mine have asked if they can use the car for their wedding day, so It‘ll be getting a detailing session for that. The car has already been used as a wedding car for another friend, so  it‘s used to having ribbons and bows on it.


Any plans for the future?  Replace the leaky radiator, Refurb my BBS alloys and get them on, Treat the leather, keep polishing and waxing, lol!

Interior: Full silver grey leather, Mtech2 Steering wheel, leather gear gaiter/handbrake gaiter.

Exterior: Full Original Mtech2 bodykit including rear spoiler. Satin Black Kidney grill
Colour coded eyebrows. Clear indicators.

Wheels and tires: 17“ Alpina reps.

Suspension mods: 60/40 Suspension drop.

Brakes: Standard

Drivetrain: Standard Manual.

Engine: Unmodded 318i (not tappety at all, unlike most 318‘s)

Exhaust: Standard with oval chrome tip.

Anything else you want to elaborate on? Must be one of the few cabrios on the road with fully working electric roofs.

Since owning the car, I‘ve driven to Lands End, John O Groats, been to North Wales and right over to the East Coast of England. Considering I live in Central Scotland, and bought the car in London, it‘s been around a lot of the U.K. 

Although the car is garaged from September through to March every year, I do get out and about through the summer months and try to attend as many meets with fellow E30 owners as I can. As well as being a Meets Organiser on E30Zone, I am also an Admin on RetroBMW.


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