Falken BMW E30 drifting team

No words can describe how awesome this is.

Falken BMW E30 m3 :)



US S50 vs M50 SC

Pretty clean swaps US S50 vs M50 SC video



Featured: BMW E30 M50 328i Turbo – Owner Aron Jarl from Iceland

Really happy to be featuring this BMW e30 m50 turbo that my friend Aron Jarl owns. Great project and well planed with detailed finish.

Name: Aron Jarl Hillers                              

Age: 25

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

Year and model of your E30: 1987 328i Mtech I Turbo 24v

Wich forums do you use? BMWKraftur.is and little bit of everything.

Whats the story behind your E30? I´ve had a few e30´s since i was 18 years old, I bought this from Germany march 2007. Then i had a e30 m3 that i was goin to make up but the shell was completely useless because of many collisions and very poorly repaired. So i decided to buy a good coupe pre-facelift e30 with Mtech-I kit. Which is the nicest besides M3, So i found this a very good price, 3 owners and no rust. My plan was to move allt the parts from the m3 to this one, which i did. Since 2005 was i had a big dream to make a m50 turbo e30. But i had to put up with the s14 (m3 engine) for 3 years while i was in school. I started slowly collecting parts for the turbo project.

What got you into E30‘s?  I´ve always loved them, i´ts just something about them. I´ve raced/drifted on e30 for seven years and i have incredibly high sense of how they behave on the street. When i got a driver´s license was only two cars that i wanted, e30 325i or Peugeot 205 Gti. (now i have both)

How many E30‘s have you owned: two trouring – one m3 and six coupe so its nine in total.

What‘s your favorite E30? My favorite is e30 m3

What are you working on now? Waiting for the summer to burn tyres, maybe installing a new suspension – KW variant 2

Any plans for the future? Re paint the car and make the BBS RS like new. Make the car flawless.

Interior: Im a big interior fan, i have e30 m3 complete interior, Recaro SRD from ITR and Sparco race seat to fit in when im competing in drift.

Exterior: Full M-tech I

Wheels and tires:

 BBS RS 17‘‘ 8.5×9.5‘‘ BF Goodrich G-force 215-40-17 – Dunlop SP 9000 245-35-17

OEM Alpina 17‘‘ 8.5‘‘ Khumo Ecsta 215-40-17

Suspension mods: I have to work on that, plan is KW Variant 2. But i have the 5 lug system from e30 m3

Brakes: Front- disk from MB w124 500e 302x28mm and brake caliber from BMW e32 740

Rear- OEM e30 m3 282mm disk and m3 e30 caliber

Drivetrain: Getrag 260 – UUC stage 2 m50 clutch kit with modified m20 flywheel – modified drive shaft – Rear diff from e30 m3 3.25:1 and Z3M diff cover. Rear axels from e30 m3.


90 model M50 Non Vanos driven 82k miles
Total build up. with orginal parts exept
MLS ‘140’ headgasket and ARP head studs

To make the 2.8L M50 i used
M52b28 crankshaft
M20b20 pisron rods thay are 4.5mm shorter than m50b25
M50b25 ”oem” pistons

Exhaust: The turbo manifold is made by me welded and fitted – split pulse T4 flange with TiAL 44mm wastegate 3‘‘ straight flow system made by me.

Anything else you want to elaborate on?

Turbo parts.
*KKK k27.2 turbocharger
*TiAL 50mm blow off
*TiAL 44mm wastegate
*Turbo Manifold is made of black steel, costum made by me. (Split pulse)
exhaust system is 3” straight back, a little bit noisy, plan is to chance that in winter.
*CXracing intercooler.
*Injector are from MMC Evo 8 560cc with 3bar but m50 runs 3.5 bar fuel pressure so they are a little bit bigger they are perfect for this setup.
65% duty cycle at 13psi boost.
*Fuel pump from Mercedes w211 e55 AMG (Bosch huge one)
*Costom made motor arms by me with Poly urithan mounts
*M50 UUC stage 2 clutch kit from racingdynamics.com (two mass version)
*I used M20 flywheel and modified the clutch on that.(lighter and better than two mass weak and heavy flywheel.
*Getrag 260 from m20b25 great and strong gearboxes but i already broke one this summer the 3rd gear.
*custom made drive shaft.
*Rear Diff is from e30 m3 euro Limited slip 3.25:1 (Z3M diff cover) (so i have very long gears and more lode in the drive train for the turbo to spool faster up) its necessary for light car like this.
*Vems standalone system.



the engine is performing @ 8psi about 320-340hp
12psi about 400hp
19psi about 500hp it spins always wheels in 3rd gear on straight line.

limit on these m50 with orginal piston are around 540hp

Many turbo guys here in iceland say this is að PERFECT setup.

i spent alot of time to think about m50 turbo,
size of turbocharger and how it fits together.



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BMW E30 V8 drifting

Nice car control from this hungarian driver, nice video but lacks the bmw e30 v8 note



Black BMW e30 M3 diamondswartch

Nice BMW E30 M3 on e36 sunflower wheels



Featured: BMW E30 M3 from Norway – Owner Bjorn

Yet another crazy BMW E30 M3 from Norway, awesome project with all the right modifications :)


Name:  Bjørn Werner Larsen

Age: 25

Location: Norway

Year and model of your E30: 1987 M3

Wich forums do you use? S14.net, Bimmers.no, R3vlimited, E30Zone etc

Whats the story behind your E30? It started off as a Alpineweiss from the factory, it was then painted green in Germany before it was imported to Norway in 1998. The car did not spend much time on the road after it was imported. I bought the car in august 2007, it was then painted this Avusblue colour and sat on Hamann Motorsport rims with Bilstein sport suspension. Time went on and I did minor upgrades to the car and serviced the engine, also fitted JBS Flywheel.

The big make over was did in winter 2010, I then bought a 1998 E36M3 that was going to be the donor for a new 3.2l engine and gearbox for my M3. Whole job took me 5 months, along with some rust welding, exhaust welding, cleaning engine and parts. The 18“ OZ Mito 8.5×18 and 9.5×18 was also fittet that winter. I drove the car for about 3000km at home before I packed it full of luggage and went off to the Nürburgring. It was a 11 day trip, covered about 3900km. It was a dream. Can‘t imagine that trip with a sloppy S14 engine!

As for the winter 2011 I was working on getting the car ready for approval. New KW Variant 2 suspension was bought as well as Ground Control camber/castor plates and damper tops at the rear. I also fittet the E36M3 3.2l front brakes with Performance Friction discs and EBC RedStuff pads. The car was approved and was the first original E30M3 in Norway to be approved with the S50B32 engine. Again it was done a trip to Nürburgring for some laps there, my girlfriend did a lap in the car as well! Only this time it was not so nice driving it on then Autobahn, I had removed all the insulation mats under the carpet in order to get the weight down for approval. It was a PITA driving it. That will be sorted out this winter.

What got you into E30‘s? Don‘t know really. I was never a „BMW-guy“ before. One day I searched for used cars ths one came up and I jus had to buy it. After that is has been all about BM‘s!

How many E30‘s have you owned: Got the E30M3 and a E30 320iA for dd, couple of years ago I had a E34 540i Touring. It was white with yellow head lamps, gold center Roldell D58 rims, 6 speed and a Unichip piggyback system. Clamed around 306hp. Amazing car!

What‘s your favorite E30? Favorite E30 is the M3 without doubt!

What are you working on now? Right now I‘m not working on much, have pulled out the interior since there is a leak somewhere in the driver and passenger side making the carpet wet. So need to find that leak. I‘m also going to spray the inside blue.

Any plans for the future? Plans this winter is to insulate the car from front firewall to the tail lights with Dynamat to get it more quiet inside. I have also brand new PPM Racing „500hp“ half-shafts that is going on the car, I have a faulty CV-joint on the stock shafts. The driveshaft is going away for new X-in the joints and ballancing, new rear wheel bearings is also needed. The E36M3 3.2l rear brakes will be fittet along with hydraulic hand brake. Camber and toe kit rear is also in order. Interior is also up for a makeover, but this will maybe go over the whole year. Plan is Recaro Pole Position in suede and vinyl, carbon fibre door cards, carbon fibre firewall and rear seat replacement, rollbar and 6-point harness. Maybe a snap-off Sparco steering wheel and a better shifter, the CAE Shifer is the dream, but it is expencive and not something i „must have“

Interior: Interior is now full black leather with flocked dash, suede ///M stitched e-brake lever and shifter boot.

Exterior: Custom Avusblue colour, Evo2 front skirt with Sport Evo carbon splitter, Sport Evo carbon brake ducts, Sport Evo carbon rear flap, carbon DTM mirrors, smoked lights around the car, tinted windows and a few stickers. BMW Motorsport engraved door handles.

Wheels and tires: OZ Mito1 8.5×18 ET21 and 9.5×18 ET21 with 215/35-18 and 225/35-18. Currently refurbishing a set of BBS RC090 8x17ET20 that is going to be trackday wheels with 215/40-17 Federal RSR-595.

Suspension mods: KW Variant 2 coilovers with Ground Control mounts. Strut brace front and rear.

Brakes: E36M3 3.2l front with Performance Friction discs, 3.2l brakes will be fittet rear this winter and brakepads will be upgraded to EBC BlueStuff NDX.

Drivetrain:  6 speed transmission, lightweight single mass flywheel, stage2 kevlar-carbon clutch, PPM Racing „500hp“ half-shafts, stock 3:25 differential.

Engine: 1998 S50B32 with lightwheight pulleys (over dim. pulley on waterpump and alternator)

Exhaust: Custom 2×2.5“ from the headers to the center silencer, then 1×3“ to rear silencer and out into DTM tips.



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