BMW e30

Awesome BMW e30 in Iceland.

The BMW e30

The BMW e30 is a series that comes with a lot of history and heritage from the BMW stable. The BMW e30 history is rich in experience and technology as it is one of the most versatile range of vehicles ever developed by the company.

The original BMW e30 is a rear wheel drive. It came with a 16 valve 1.8 which does over 130 hp. They are a clear manifestation of dynamics and pleasure working together seamlessly. It is a relatively spacious motor vehicle. It is fitted with BMW Efficient Dynamics technology. Comes with emission values that don’t exceed 140g of carbon monoxide per kilometer.

It came with a Tyre Defect Indicator (TDI) that alerts the vehicle owner if the tyre pressure drops. This ensures motor vehicle safety is enhanced and prevents further tyre damage. It does this by detecting any pressure loss by checking the speed at which wheels rotate. TDI must be initialized so as to function correctly and properly.

The original BMW e30 came with an Anti Lock Brake System (ABS) which ensured that the vehicle could be easily steered, this is achieved by regulating precisely the braking pressure on individual wheels. It ensures that the wheels don’t lock in completely. This is done by regulating brake pressure on each wheel thus providing braking efficiency and effectiveness whilst still allowing the wheel to continue rotating in a much measured and controlled way.

These cars come with Dynamic stability control which facilitates vehicle control even in the most difficult surrounding. This offers high levels of stability when driving by maximizing traction of the wheels when accelerating. Instances of over steering are quickly noted and necessary counter measures taken. Due to the BMW e30 history It is an easy to maintain vehicle. The vehicles are fuel efficient; they are also still supported in terms of spare parts production and availability of qualified mechanics.

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The BMW e30

Legend is the name that can best describe the BMW e30. The car is amongst the few classic models that have a remarkable design that beats that designs of the late 19th century. The release of this model caused an exciting mood as it arrival marked a new season for speed and efficiency of the BMW category. This is a model that holds the beauty and likeness of the originals of BMW in the market today.

Made in 1982 has since been on the hot spot as one of the most powerful cars in its range. The car has an admirable engine and body that marks it as unique and outstanding. In its excellent design the car is still classified as a classic and one of the hottest saloons in the market.

BMW e30

BMW e30 – A legendary car.

The BMW E30 engine

One of the cool features of the BMW e30 car is the engine. The 4-cylinder engine characterizes it as powerful and affordable. The engine enables it to stand out with speed and a high performance that makes it a huge success amongst other BMWs. The car has various the most efficient race engine and driving dynamics, which are track-honed. The BMW e30 is easily notice by its excellently made body, which gives it a unique visual appeal.

BMW e30 engine

BMW e30 engine

Other BMW e30 features

Other features on the inside of the BMW e30 have a high sense of clarity and style. The dashboard is made in a way that lays out a unique arrangement and system at the front. The seats can best be described as figure-hugging for both the driver and passenger. In order to allow comfort and safety, the seats are adjustable making the driving experience memorable. The steering wheel is classic, a three-spoke beautiful steering wheel well positioned to ensure ease while driving. Despite having a small outward appearance, the BMW e30 has adequate space inside for luxury.

Overall the BMW e30 is stylish and sexy – what’s there not to like!

BMW E30 Ac Schnitzer

BMW E30 Ac Schnitzer

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I highly recommend this manual! It’s the BMW 3 Series (E30) Service Manual: 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990. Like they say: “The BMW Repair Manual: 3 Series (E30): 1984-1990 is a comprehensive, single source of service information and specifications for BMW 3 Series (E30) cars from 1984-1990. Whether you’re a professional technician or a do-it-yourself BMW owner, this manual will help you understand, maintain, and repair systems on 3 Series cars.”


Pretty sweet BMW e30 sound:

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