E32/E34 front calipers for E30 big brake kit with 312mm disks

Found this  on the internet, you are susposed to be able to fit e32/e34 calipers at the front with this adapter. You will have to use Audi TT 312mm disks 5×100 wich need to be redrilled to 4×100 (adding two new holes on the disk) and increasing the hubcenter to 57.1mm to fit the e30 front hub.


I want to say that I’ve never tried this adapter but it looks very simulair to the adapter I own from 300mm.de for the same calipers.


You can make your self a cheap e30 big brake kit BBK with this adaper, 540 calipers and 312 disks, I’m not sure if you need to change your master cylinder to compensate the bigger calipers.



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