LW Flywheel arrived! from TTV Racing

Just recived my M60/62 custom lw flywheel to fit the S50 evo clutch :)

I went this way as I’m using the 5 speed box and it has 29mm spline shaft and it fits the s50 clutch since the gearbox is the same as in e36 m3.. just a different bellhousing đŸ˜‰

The s50 clutch and pressure plate does not fit the original e34/e39 flywheel so this is a good option + alot of clutches that I can select from.


For those who want to use the e39 540 flywheel (made for 240mm clutch) with 5 speed gearbox, then it is possible to use that in combination with E36 328 clutch and pressureplate. I havent verifed this but I’ve read a bunch of posts on forums that this will work.

I was going to go that route until I found ttvracing.com , they make these at a very decent price and their customer service is excellent :)

Few pics


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