E30 V8 swap write up – work in progress

I was thinking about doing a write up on the E30 V8  swap M60 and keep updating this page, this swap can cover the m62/s62 engine aswell but I will be focusing on the odb 1 m60 engine.

As of now I’m only doing part collection so i’m begining with doing a list of things I got and need. I will make an write up of things I’ve learned and well provide pics of my own and advice on how to things after I tried the methods that i’ve read on forums and other sites.

Please be free to send me an e mail @ einar @ bmw-e30.net or comment if you have something to contribute :)

What I’m looking for mostly these days is a transmission, 5 speed would be ideal becouse I dont have to modify the driveshaft ( shorten it about 7 cm) and the transmission bracket. If anyone can help me out, let me know at einar @ bmw-e30.net 😉

I’ll be adding more stuff here soon so please check this page out often.


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